Call From Web Features

Solve your calling problems with enterprise-level functionality at the price of a delicious meal.

Call History

Your agents will always have the most up-to-date information, including voicemails, emails, and previous calls, all in real time. All of this, before they ever answer a call.

Record Audio

Protect yourself and your company by recording and reviewing calls instantly or at a later date. This helps you ensure high-quality agent standards.

Specify Working Hours

We provide a highly flexible solution that is ideal for unexpected peaks in call volume, seasonal or situational demands, or as a supplement to internal resources.

Multiple Agents

We give call center managers the ability to route incoming calls to the most skilled agent available to handle each call.

CRM Integration

Manage your customers, prospects, and sales, while simultaneously streamlining sales and nurturing prospect interaction.

Website Integration

Implementation and configuration are a snap with web connectors that require no development or deployment time!


Collect information about events as they happen in near real-time! Choose a URL, and when and where you want that URL to receive data, and we'll send it to you as it takes place.

E-mail & SMS Notifications

Receive and deploy simplified alerts, text messages, updates, and announcements through permission-based mobile text and email messages, to groups of all sizes, with a simple tap of a finger.

Call from Browser

Our modern technology offers high-quality communications with people all over the world. From friends to family to business associates, enjoy calls to any regular landline!

Custom Styling with CSS

Adjust and adapt the widget looks to fit your exact designer needs. Keep the widget trendy and provide a seamless user experience by applying custom CSS styling.

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