Custom Widget Styling with CSS

The widget is highly customizable. You can adjust and adapt the widget looks to fit your designer needs by applying custom CSS styling.

How do I apply custom CSS styling to my widget?

Log in to your admin panel and click on "Widgets".

Select and click edit for the widget you want to customize.
Edit Widget

Place your CSS customizations in the Custom Styling for the Button field.
Custom Styling

How do I override the current styling?

All buttons get the default styling applied to them. You can download the base style from the link provided on the settings page.
By entering your own CSS into the field, custom properties will override the default properties.

What kind of CSS styles can I apply, and which selectors do I use?

To customize the button, use the #button selector. (What are css selectors?)

There are no limitation on CSS properties. You can apply any kind of styling as long it is supported by the browser. (See CSS References)


Changing button color

#button { background-color: blue; }

Blue Button

Changing button position

Bottom left: #button { right: auto; left: 30px; }

Top right: #button { bottom: auto; top: 30px; }

Top left: #button { bottom: auto; right: auto; left: 30px; top: 30px; }

Square button

#button { border-radius: 2px; }

Square Button

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